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By Maria Becera on Apr 21, 2019

By Triciale Rice on Apr 07, 2019

By alicia diaz on Mar 31, 2019

? great help!!!

By Virginia C. on Mar 28, 2019

Special thanks to Jed (manager) at the sunset location for going out of his way in correcting the problem I was having with my car alarm system! Shout out to "Jed"!

By Andrew Rode on Mar 23, 2019

By Adrian Page on Mar 22, 2019

I so regret taking my 2018 Ford Transit 350HD here for a Viper alarm/remote start system. I had to return for a dead remote and get the A pillar and rubber molding at the base of the door reattached. A bracket was bent on the drivers side running board, which the manager refused to take responsibility for, he almost had me until he showed me the geri-rigged attempt to cover it up and blamed it on my conversion company. The door ajar alert is disabled from the viper remote and my factory key fob, luckily nothing was stolen when I left the slider open. You can set the alarm with all the doors ajar. the slider sometimes locks, sometimes doesn;t, sometimes unlocks, sometimes doesn;t. I wanted another store to take care of the technical issues, so I tried to contact the district manager and the corporate office. Over a week I left 2 voices mails and sent 2 emails, it took me making a complaint to Viper to finally get someone to respond. They were unable to offer me an option to get this taken care that would not cost my business a day's pay. So I'll be paying out of pocket to another company to straighten it out, and fix the running board myself.

By Moises Hernandez on Mar 20, 2019

By Jeremy Vanmeter on Mar 19, 2019

Great customer service. And fast install with quality products

By Rachel O. on Mar 15, 2019

Jed and Vern hooked it up. Great costumer service! Not only did Jed give me a great deal but Vern took me out and taught me how everything works on my new radio.

By Sade S. on Mar 10, 2019

I have been to the Audio Express on Sunset twice and each time I have gotten exceptional help. Zac has helped me both times and has wonderful customer service. He definitely knows his products and never tries to go above my wants and needs. I never feel pressured and I always feel knowledgeable about what I'm receiving. The installation is always on point, everything always works and prices are excellence. Definitely would recommend going to check them out and ask for Zac he's the best.

By Tutu EqualFour on Mar 09, 2019

Nice, friendly, clean and FAST... I received excellent customer service from Zach and will definitely recommend friends and family...

By Ralph Perez on Mar 03, 2019

Really cool people, Zackary was really helpful. He knew what I needed. I'll be going back

By Bra W. on Mar 02, 2019

Went it today to purchase a new deck for my car and Chris helped me out and had me taken care of same day. Everyone here was friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend this place over and over again.

By Bill C. on Feb 24, 2019

Terrible audio installation company. After a simple install of a backup camera, now my dash vibrates with rattles, speakers don't work which should of never been touched and they couldn't get a simple feature working. DO NOT take your precious car to these guys YOU WILL BE regretting it.

By Mike on Feb 09, 2019

Very happy with the service Zac provided! He was very honest when I was deciding on what stereo to buy. One was about $200 more then the other but he recommended the lower cost one! He could have easily sold me the more expensive stereo but that just shows what he and I’m sure the entire staff, he have Integrity!!! He’s very knowledgeable and made sure I understood every detail of my new stereo!! Thx!!!

By Sadja *** on Feb 06, 2019

By Ariadna S. on Feb 05, 2019

We took our car to get a back-up camera installed and see if they could get the steering wheel radio controls working (we took the necessary kit for the job). When we picked up the car, some speakers and the subwoofer weren't working. We went back and they said they couldn't fix it then, so we left the car overnight. The following day, everything was working, but they said they couldn't get the steering wheel controls working. The next day- battery was dead. We got a new battery. Fast forward barely two weeks, battery was dead again. Upon checking, we discovered the amp was using power even when the car was off, thus the dead batteries.
We would NEVER return to that place. I'm glad it worked for many people, but our experience was abysmal. You've been warned.

By Raven on Feb 04, 2019

Made an appointment at 1pm sat in waiting room waiting for a simply car alarm installation. At 3:30pm I asked how much longer and was told they hadn't touched it yet. I asked how much longer once they start and was told another 1.5 or longer to install once they started, but could be longer. Then the manager tells me he told me prior to paying up front and waiting that it would take all day which he did not tell me that. I wouldn't of bought the alarm and waited in the waiting room if i would of known it would take 5-6 hours. When I got mad over the manager not telling me I would be waiting in the waiting area 5-6 hours I asked truck back, was told it would be an hour to give me my truck back even though they hadn't done anything to it. I had to threatened to call the police if he didn't give it back in 30 minutes. So i sat there from 1pm until 4:20pm with nothing done to my truck. Worst experience trying to get a simple alarm on a car! He gave me my refund in the form of a check, and told me I couldn't cash it for 2 days later because he would have to call the bank to approve it .☹️ Never in my life has this happened getting a refund at a business.

By Yancy H on Feb 01, 2019

By Myke S. on Jan 28, 2019

excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Great buying experience